Tesla delivered a record number of cars following increase of Model X demand

You would believe Tesla would sell far fewer units of its more expensive, slightly frumpier-looking Model X SUV than its essential Model S sedan, however that’s not the case nowadays. The electrical vehicle maker has revealed its production levels for the first quarter of this year, and it’s apparent that the gap has closed significantly in recent months.

Tesla provided about 11,550 Model X vehicles at the beginning of the year, or simply 1,900 shy of the 13,450 Model S that had owners in the very same period. It’s a plain contrast to a year previously, when Tesla provided 12,420 sedans and simply 2,400 SUVs– buyers are really willing to trade a bit of money and style for some additional capability.

The gap may have been even narrower in perfect conditions. Tesla added that there were “severe” Model X part shortages in the first two months of this year and that it simply didn’t have the time to ship every last example to clients in the duration. In other words, expect a huge bump in Model X numbers throughout the spring.

This was still a banner quarter for the automaker. Tesla’s quickly increasing production objectives led it to set yet another delivery record, with 69 percent more EVs trading hands against a year previously. Given that, there’s simply a couple of months to precede Tesla starts Model 3 production.



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