The SuperSwitcher Application

As an iPhone user, I am sure that you have made more than one trip to the Apple App Store. This store is full of various applications, now getting to close to a million applications. With 64GB to fill, it is fairly easy for users to fill up their SpringBoard with hundreds of icons.
The trick is how to quickly access those applications and games. If you have hundreds of pages of icons, it can take awhile to easily get to your favorite one. Now some of you have figured out that you can either make folders for your favorite icons or use the multitasking bar to slide to those favorite icons.
There is a new jailbreak tweek which actually includes an additional pane that sits up above the multitasking bar. This lets you bookmark your top nine apps. This is not a high number, however it really forces you to really decide what your favorite apps are.
Developed by Akhil Tolani, this app is known as the SuperSwitcher. It works on iOS 4.2 or higher and only costs .99. Found in the BigBoss repository under Cydia, it also looks as if there is going to be a release with iPad. In order to set it up, you must go into the System Settings. It must be run on a device that has been jailbroken. You will be able to set the brightness or the volume. You will have the ability to turn on or off the Bluetooth, the Airplane mode, the Location Services and the WiFi.
If you are one that likes to keep your SpringBoard clutter free and yet still likes to go app browsing, then this may just be the app for you. At a cost of .99 you definitely can’t go wrong in trying out this app. Just remember that the toughest job you may have is to decide which apps are your top nine.






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