Stolen car recovered has been stolen again from an impound lot in Ohio

Police attended Hilltop Garage at 12:09 p.m. November 9 to finish a stolen vehicle report on an SUV reported stolen a day ago. The car was recovered in a restaurant parking lot following the report.

However, when the officer arrived at the impound lot at Hilltop Garage, Independence, Ohio, he was informed that the stolen SUV had been re-stolen from the impound lot 30 minutes prior to the officer’s arrival.

Reports noted that the vehicle owner also attended the scene to retrieve his SUV, but was “notified that someone had stolen his vehicle again,” reports said.

A Hilltop worker reportedly witnessed the theft and gave a description of the vehicle the suspects arrived in, but there were no further details on the suspects at the time of the report.

A driver was pulled over at 11:14 a.m. November 6 after the odor of burned marijuana was noticed coming from the vehicle.

A .40-caliber automatic handgun was discovered inside the car during the stop. The driver was arrested for possessing a firearm. Reports added that he has “an extensive criminal history for drug trafficking and is prohibited from possessing a firearm”.

A man was arrested for theft at 9:19 a.m. November 8 when he was observed by Drug Mart store security putting $140 worth of merchandise into a backpack. He also had several outstanding warrants. He was turned over to Avon police officers on one of the warrants.

A man was arrested at a Red Roof Inn when police checking the parking lot saw a handgun that appeared to be loaded in the front seat of the man’s SUV.

The man was wanted on outstanding warrants and was arrested on those warrants, with the possibility of additional charges associated to illegal weapons possession pending.



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