Snapseed – the Desktop Version

The app that we are going to discuss today is the app called Snapseed. This application has been the iPad app of the year for the year 2011. It was free of charge during the 12 days of Christmas promotion. What this app does is to allow user the ability to make any photograph stand out as it offers phenomenal editing functions and filters. This allows the non professional photographer to produce gorgeous images as if they were the professional photographer.

The popularity of this software is phenomenal as this software has over 1000 user ratings via iTunes and it also has almost a five star average rating. The software developed by Nik Software has now made Snapseed available in the Mac App Store. The latest release looks as good as the previous editions and all of the editing tools are also available on this desktop version.

You can now import photographs into Snapseed for Mac. You can give your pictures a black and white enhancement through the use of a darkroom type filter. You can make the image look like a vintage color move. You can add style to the image based on certain customer effects. You can apply a dingy look to various images. You can use different filters to give your image a sense of depth. You can blur edges, draw attention to certain aspects of the image as well as use frames to add a certain style to your images.

Just as in previous version, you can send you images to your favorite social media sites such as Facebook, Flickr and Twitter. You can download the software from the Mac App Store for a price of $19.99. So for those of you that are Mac lovers or have the Mac desktop, go ahead and download this software to your desktop and then send your favorite images to your friends and family.






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