Shift Gears on Toyota’s Bike With Your Mind

Here comes the new Technology that changes the way people pedal along the open road on a bike. It’s Toyota’s mind-controlled bike that is made in conjunction with Saatchi LA, Parlee Cycles and Deeplocal. It comes with a built-in smartphone dock, a carbon-fiber frame and a helmet that reads electrical brain activity.
According to Toyota’s official Web page, this bike comes with the helmet stuffed with neurotransmitters that allow riders to shift gears “without using a single one of their appendages.” You site on bike, put the helmet on your head and it will only take few minutes to adjust to your brain waves for better shifting. There are also levers for manual gearing in case you don’t want to use your brain along with your ride. Toyota’s offical webpage says:

Imagine yourself shifting into a lower gear on your bike. Now imagine that imagining yourself shifting could actually shift your bike. Confused? Don’t be. Since our last update, the engineering masterminds of Deeplocal have devised a system that lets riders shift the PXP’s gears without using a single one of their appendages. Imbued with the sort of forward thinking that went into the design of Prius, the system lets riders command an electronic shifter with their own brain waves captured by a helmet stuffed with neurotransmitters








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