Review: T-Mobile Dash 3G

Along with the T-Mobile Dash 3G comes some cool upgrades, which includes GPS, support of 3G as well as a 2-megapixel camera. The cool smart-phone also features a very cool layout design with a pleasant and fully functional regular keyboard.Some other cool highlights of the smart-phone includes Wi-Fi facility, Bluetooth support, and tons of messaging options as well. The Inner Circle feature or UMA support is not included in the Dash 3G. The dimensions of the screen is also little. Compared to the competition, the price is a little high.. After a way long overdue, the T-Mobile Dash 3G smart-phone is a well deserved upgrade to its earlier precursor along with the addition of many new features such as the 3G support, GPS support, and a cool revised design.

Ever since October 2006, The old T-Mobile Dash has been pulling duty and even though,over time it received a minor face-lift and upgrade support for Windows Mobile 6.1 , it’s finally the time for the smart-phone to retire from the market. However, it seems like the T-Mobile Dash 3G smart-phone is ready to deliver all the T-Mobile shoppers’ need and merit them with something more recent- blooming with new technology. The new and improved Dash 3G is the carrier’s version of the HTC Snap, which was introduced at CTIA 2009 and lately launched on Sprint.
It also brings a vast number of welcome additions, for example the GPS, an upgraded camera, and an upgraded 3G support–something that was lacking from the T-Mobile’s another top messaging, the Edge BlackBerry Curve 8900. The new design layout of the Dash 3G also heaps much better than the old Sprint model, offering a neat and slimmer design, a soft-touch finish, and a nice roomier keyboard.
However, it is to our little disappointment that the Inner Circle email feature isn’t included in the new T-Mobile’s model.
Above all, at $169.99 with a 2 year contract, the price is a tint high when we compare it to some of its competitor like the ATT’s Nokia E71x that goes for around $100 and Verizon’s impending version of the Snap, the HTC Ozone that may well go for around $50. However, as a final verdict , it’s a very nice and cool upgrade for the current Dash owners and any T-Mobile buyers searching for a fast and new messaging smart-phone.







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