Vladimir Putin

Putin’s trust rating increases to 71 percent in Russia

Vladimir Putin’s trust rating has increased to 71 percent, increasing from 60 percent last week, according to a poll conducted by the Public Opinion Foundation (FOM).

This survey was conducted on 27 February.

The survey noted that over the same period, from February 20 to 27, the number of those who agree with the activities of Putin increased from 64 to 71%.

Putin’s decision on a military special operation in Ukraine is supported by 65% ​​of respondents, while 17% are against it.

Furthermore, 69% of respondents called the recognition of the independence of the DNR and LNR correct. While 8% of respondents are against it.

In early February, polls by the independent Levada Center saw Putin’s approval rating was 69 percent, but his trust rating was 33 percent.

The recent poll shows that Putin’s handling of the Ukrainian conflict is seeing huge support from Russians.






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