Vladimir Putin meets female pilots, March 2022

Putin publicly speaks about Ukraine and Russia’s financial situation

Russian president Vladimir Putin while meeting with female pilots and flight attendants on Saturday, publicly spoke about the war in Ukraine and Russia’s financial situation.

Putin said that there are no plans to introduce martial law, insofar as martial law is introduced in response to external aggression, and at this moment there is no area of Russia that is currently experiencing this situation.

Putin further informed that Russia’s Armed Forces have destroyed nearly all of Ukraine’s military infrastructure.

Russia hasn’t sent a single conscript into the ongoing conflict. All troops involved in combat are professional contract soldiers. Putin added that there are no plans to deploy either draftees or reservists in battle.

Putin said that the Russian government will view any attempt by other nations to establish a no-fly zone over Ukraine as active participation in hostilities.

The Ukrainian officials are now “executing without trial or investigation” anyone who opposes the “military operations” against Russia, Putin said.

Putin informed that there are neo-Nazis in Russia, as well (“morons running around with swastikas”), but they’re not supported at the state level.

The decision to start the “special military operation” (the invasion of Ukraine) was difficult, Putin said.

Talking about the Russian economy needs, Putn said there will be “maximum economic freedom for businesses”.

Putin supports the idea of suspending felony prosecution for economic crimes, especially when the damages can be compensated. All pensions and social benefits should be indexed according to plan.



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