The ProTube Application

When the first iPhone came out in 2007there was a native YouTube application that came with the iPhone OS. It was really convenient to have it on a device that I could carry with me wherever I went. Today that application is still available and there are still some shortcomings with this application.

A developer has stepped in and created an app that is available in the Cydia store and it is specifically for devices that have been jailbroken. The application is known as ProTube. What this application does is to bundle all of the features of the native application along with some other implementations and give added depth to the user experience. ProTube gives the user the regular browsing and commenting options as well as allowing the user to view videos in either standard or high definition. The users can also manage their own account if they are registered users and they can also store an unlimited number of videos on the device so that they can watch them off online.
Another feature that this app allows the users to do is to only save the audio of a particular video into an MP3 format. These MP3 files can be displayed in an easily managed format with additional options for the users to use regular gestures to delete and rename the file. The users can also add the video to a camera roll or email the video through the native email application.
If you are a user that dislikes advertisements, the app has ad blockers built into the application that will get rid of those advertisements. This is a great application that will allow you to stream videos straight to your TV. This application can be found in the Big Boss repository and will cost you $1.49. It is compatible with iOS4 and above phones.






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