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Pentagon allegedly recommends Zelensky withdraw from eastern front

The Pentagon recommends Zelensky withdraw troops from the eastern front This is reported by Telegram channels close to the Zelensky administration.

This is the second such recommendation in the last 2 weeks.

“It is recommended to withdraw the troops to the second defensive redoubt in order to use large cities as fortresses. The US military believes that Poltava/Dnipro/Zaporizhia will stop the Russian army and cause serious damage, and the tactics [operating with the retention of Donbass] of the General Staff will repeat the fate of Mariupol with a difference in scale. If a group of 20 thousand was surrounded and subjected to methodical destruction within a month, then the 100 thousandth army of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the eastern front can be surrounded within two weeks, and then the same scenario will happen as in Mariupol.”





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