Parts of the New iPhone Are Already Available

IPhone and iPad have become very popular over the recent past. Dedication of Apple to always improve the technology depicted by its devices and features of these devices can be attributed to this popularity. Today, people are waiting in bated breath for the new generation of iPhone and iPad set for release in September and October. Etrade supply which is the company that sells mobile phone parts has published an exclusive video displaying what is expected to be a backplate of the new iPhone. Although the company has been quiet about the next devices, there has been leakage of information about these devices. The backplate shown on this video matches with images leaked from the company sometimes in the past.

There are speculations that the new iPhone will also have larger display than preceding models of iPhone. The new iPhone will also come with a better camera than that of the iPhone 4s which is the flagship in the market today. However, the user of this device will have better control of the kind of video they take. Thus, the new iPhone will give the user more flexibility in determining what they capture with it. People will also have a chance to determine the look they want for their devices.
According to the images shown in the video, this part comes in different colors. Thus, a buyer will have a chance to choose the device that impresses them.

Etrade supply sells parts that are similar to those of the manufacturer of original devices. Thus, it is easy to believe the information relayed by this video. In the past, this company has come up with parts that look similar to those of Apple’s original products. The company has also been a source of information about different mobile phones before they are released in the market.

Although Apple has been a leading manufacturer of quality products, there have been many people looking for parts of these devices. Therefore, information about parts that looks similar to those of the original devices sound a relief to those intending to purchase the devices. However, some people view this as a marketing strategy by the supplier. Some doubts how the company can know how a product will look like before the actual release by the manufacturer. Nevertheless, there are reliable sources of information that affirms that the supplier has technical information about the new device.

Perhaps, this affirmation coupled with the fact that Etrade has been supplying parts similar to those of original devices for many years makes the information on the video believable. To make it even more convincing, Etrade has other parts of iPhone 5 such as tray for SIM card, rear housing and a button for the home screen. 






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