Paris Hilton is now a Muslim?

?Rumors around the web says that Spokesperson of Paris Hilton has revealed that Paris Hilton has converted to Islam. Ian Brinkham, has revealed to CBS news.

She has been toying with the idea for quite a while now and when she was imprisoned at Century Regional Detention Facility in 2007, she encountered a few people who had already converted,” Mr Brinkham said.
She has also decided to skunk her old celebrity life after being converted to Muslim.

Speaking from an Islamic study retreat in Jeddah, she said: “I have now found total peace in my life. Before, I used to be known as an STD-ridden streetwalker , a ‘hoe’ and a person of loose morals, but now, things have changed. Allah be praised.” Paris Hilton has also planned to open Islamic education school after she returns to Los Angeles next week.






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