Not Just A Personal Assistant, Siri Is The Perfect Companion

We all know that Siri is most special feature of the latest iPhone 4s of Apple. Everyone is still thinking and talking about Siri. Even that Apple bought Siri from its original owners on a deal of $200 million. The reason of this acquisition was due to the benefits Siri has provided to iPhone 4s. Even that its demand has been increasing without any delay as far its assistance is needed. It requires any iPhone 4s proximity sensor when ever the handset’s screen is activated.

In the past people have many problems with respect to the flips on the sensors when ever they are in any conversation, phone call or any skype communication. Here the benefit of iPhone 4s is that it runs on the infrared detectors when ever the screen of the iPhone is turned on. With the help of Siri you can also know how close your face is with the handset when you are about to say something or you have pressed the handset up against your face.

For more information you can all see different videos of Siri’s benefits on youtube, twitter or any other channels. So these are the reasons of why Siri is important for iPhone 4s and why it is so high in demand.



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