Nokia Lumia 800 –Is The Features Right For First Time Users?

It is very difficult for a lay man to understand the various features that are found in the smart phones these days. I wondered why people meddle with the features so much. A phone has to satisfy our requirements and we must be at ease while handling the phone. It is this simple and easy. Accidentally, one day standing in a long queue in the bank, I was stealthily moving around my eyes here and there. I saw a bill board of a mobile with salient features in it. My curiosity and inquisitiveness aroused for the first time to learn about the several applications in the mobile. Smart phones are just awesome. They make your life easy. I realized how useful Smartphone can be in life. I can avoid long queues and pay bills using smart phones. I realized that it makes life simpler to the core.

I learnt about each and every feature of the phone. I learnt about the design, the battery, micro sim, micro USB port, features of a camera used in mobile. The display features, screen size, colors and many other features were studied in a detailed way. I found that the design of Lumia 800 is outstanding. The curves at the edges make it so comfortable for handling. Because my handling of phone is so rough and tough the protection guard against scratches in the sides and in the front of the phone was the first thing that I noticed in the phone. I was literally fascinated to buy the phone.

And when I finally bought the phone, I started exploring every feature of the phone. The menu was more advanced than the usual phone. I was enjoying each and every process. It is the first Nokia device with feature of Microsoft windows phone platform. Social network integration and other operating system with good package of Microsoft office make it a small office for the users. With all these strong points, I find that my life has changed now; my lifestyle has significantly seen huge variations. With one click I can bring market place, office and other occasions to one juncture. I keep talking for longer and longer and am in close knit with my friends; it goes on and on for hours together and the talk time of the battery is still not half over. Sometimes in normal usage I don’t require to charge it for three days. Unbelievable!

I chose magenta color that matches my temperament of moving forward and adopting newer technology, but there are other colors also available. Lumia 800 is available in black, cyan and white also. In fact, all the colors are cool. It has good multimedia too. Only negativity that could be mentioned is some of the features like sound effect, text reflow and flash are not that impressive though it is not that appalling too. It is worth mentioning that for the first time users this is a very good smart phone and user friendly too.



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