The New Messages+ iPhone Applications

There is a company called Intelliborn that focuses on iOS software development. They have developed a new the Messages+ application. It is available inside the Cydia store for jailbroken devices. They believe that it is the “Best SMS Compose and Reply App. This is actually a rebranded and modified version of the Tlert application. This application is designed to now be compatible with iMessage and then to not only work with it but enhance and improve the messaging experience.

It has been designed to compose a message to anyone and from inside any application. The new modifications allow users to reply to any message that come in no matter where you are at. This means that you can be inside any app and still reply to a message. This application will let you send and review either regular text messages, view messages or picture messages inside any conversation mode. This application will also allow you to respond to any incoming text or iMessage without closing or getting out of the application that you are currently in or is currently open. This application does not get rid of the original messaging application, it actually enhances the application.
This Messages+ application gives the original messages app a greatly improved messaging experience on the iphone. This is done through a ViewThrough technology. This patent pending technology will give users information that is related to new events and information. If this sounds like something that you are interested in, I’m sure that you want to know how much this costs. It will cost you $7.99. but it also comes with free trial period so that you can try it before you actually make the purchase. If you already have the Tlert application, then this Messages+ is an upgrade and it won’t cost you anything to obtain. As always, you will have to be running on a jailbroken device for this to work.






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