New iPhone/iPad To Be Released In September or October

IPhone and iPad are among the latest communication devices in the market today. These devices have revolutionized communication world in a great way. Today, everybody who is a fan of technology is always looking for latest information about these devices. Perhaps, this can be attributed to the determination and dedication of Apple in introducing new technologies in the market. When Apple launched the first generation of its iPhone, nobody could expect the latest innovations that the company has depicted over the years. However, the company has continued to lead in innovation beating even companies that were already established in the market before it.

Currently, rumors are going round that this company is set to introduce Yang and Ying. These are the next models of iPad and iPhone from the company. The exact date when the new devices will be launched is not known clearly. However, the date for the launch of the new iPhone will be in September while iPad mini will be launched in August. According to latest information from Digitimes which is a news organization based in Taiwan, Apple has not manufactured latest iPad and iPhone alone. Pegatron has also participated in the manufacture of iPhone and iPad.
Currently, information about these devices is speculating at a very fast rate. Some reports say that Pegatron downsized some of its departments such as the motherboard unit to facilitate accommodation of orders from Apple.

Some people thought that Apple products would not go far. However, such anticipations have been proven wrong since the introduction of other devices such as the Samsung Galaxy note. Even competition from Kindle Fire has not managed to face off Apple products from the market. Apple has always known when to come up with new devices. Strategic releases of new devices coupled with the technology they introduce have enabled them to retain their popularity. In addition, Apple has always marketed its iPad and iPhone effectively to customers from different parts of the world. Currently, there is a lot of information on the Internet about the next iPad and iPhone. However, nobody knows the exact release date. Some people are even taking the release date to October but no one knows the exact date. This suspense keeps people anticipating as they speculate about the product.

Some experts have argued that this is a marketing strategy aimed at preparing people for the launch of the new devices. There is also information about some features of the devices such as the display of the iPhone which is expected to be larger than that of the iPhone’s available in the current market. This iPhone will also have slimmer profile and more use of Liquidmetal technology. Nevertheless, there is not complete information about the features of the new iPad and iPhone yet.



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