The New Hands-Free Headset

For those of you who are on the phone all day, headsets are something we tend to be very interested in. A new headset known as the LiveSound is created to be used with Sony Ericsson phones. Easy and gentle on your ears and a hands-free set, it offers a wonderful sound. Offering high-quality sounds from the high register as well as the low register, the earphones produce and deliver music as well as conversation in a clear, concise fashion. While speaking, the microphone will pick up the conversation and will pause the music if a call is coming in and will restart the music when the call is completed.
The cord on the left side handles the volume, the play and pause capabilities, the mute functionality as well as the next and previous track controls. With some of the technology advances that are now in place, various compatible applications will allow you to take both pictures and videos. With the use of the microphone, you can issue voice commands that will send both emails and text messages while the headset is sitting on your head. If you want to exercise with these headsets on, you are able to and can even use the voice commands to work various sports applications.
In conclusion, remember that this headset is built and designed to be used with the Sony Ericsson phones. A great advantage that comes with this headset is the fact that you won’t have to spend hours trying to unravel the cords. Just so that you maintain your swagger while on the phone, this headset comes in four different colors and the headset portion comes with four sets of tips in a couple of colors so that it will fit anyone’s ears. The left cord does tend to be heavier due to the number of controls on the cord, but you can be assured that you can make any necessary adjustments for a comfortable yet snug fit.






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