The New CloudOn Application

Have you been a technology purchaser for many years? If you were like me, we started back many years ago with the purchase of our first computer. If you started when I did, they were the big computers that took up half of your desk. Along came the laptops and instead of filling your desk, they filled your lap. Now they have the small computers that are about half the size of the laptops and they call these netbooks. Even the netbooks are getting outdated with the advent of the iPad.
The iPad or the tablet lets people do what they want to do, when they want to do it. It is powerful and portable. The users can take advantage of the game capabilities, search the web, write their emails, pay their bills and thanks to the advantage of a variety of applications, do just about whatever else they want to.
Thanks to a new application known as the CloudOn for the iPad, you have a new way to handle your word processing, your spreadsheets and your presentations. With this application, you can take a look at, edit or even create Microsoft Office files such as Word files, Excel files and PowerPoint files. You can use this by iPad which will act as a bridge between the user and office files that are on the cloud. Two things that you will need is a connection to the Internet and you must also be a registered Dropbox user.
After you have successfully set up the CloudOn application, you can use Word, Excel and Powerpoint on your iPad, manipulate the various documents through the Drop Box account that you maintain, keep track of any changes that have been made in your word documents, use the normal Excel functions that you have been use to using including tables and formulas, created full PowerPoint presentations, and most importantly, you can save the various documents so that you don’t lose any key information or work that you have done. 






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