NABI JUNIOR Unveiled, Priced at $99

Fuhu, the maker of the Nabi and the Nabi 2 Tablets, is out with a new kids friendly tablet, named the NABI JUNIOR.

The design of the Nabi Junior it-selves attracts the children towards it-selves. The 5 inch-ed tablet ships with the Wings Adaptive Learning

System, an educational software package that teaches kids the three Rs starting at a pre-K level. A kid-friendly app store comes preinstalled,

and parents have the option of side-loading the Amazon Appstore for a larger software selection.

The Nabi Jr. is powered by a dual-core Nvidia Tegra processor and features the kid-friendly skin of the Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS. It

comes equipped with a 5-inch WVGA capacitive touchscreen display with 800 x 480 pixels screen resolution, a rotating front and back camera,

4GB/16GB internal storage, WiFi and Bluetooth.

At the center of the Nabi Jr. is an adaptive learning system that aims to provide as much entertainment as it does education for its young users.

Fuhu calls it the Wings Adaptive Learning System, covering common core curriculum for students from Pre-K through sixth grade. Wings pulls

from over 2,500 fundamental skills in reading, writing, and math to deliver personalized lesson plans for kids based on individual proficiency.

The most interesting feature if the Nabi Junior is its price – $99 for the 4GB model or $129 for the 16GB.

The Nabi Jr. will be available at retailers nationwide beginning in mid-December, right in time for the holidays.






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