Microsoft to Launch Internet Explorer 9

Microsoft will be officially launching the next version of its Internet Explorer browser, IE9, at the South by Southwest Interactive Festival (SXSWi) on Monday, 14th March, 2011

Among the new features in IE9 is a new updated look with the browser taking up less space than previous versions of IE, as well as a way to pin sites to the Windows task bar. Sites can then program their pages to act more like desktop applications with things like notifications, and the Windows 7 Jump List feature, which can hop users to specific parts of a Web page.

There are also performance improvements in IE9, including faster start times and a new JavaScript engine called Chakra that Microsoft has proven to be faster at the WebKit SunSpider benchmark test than competitors like Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera, Firefox. On the security side, IE9 also adds support for “do not track” through lists that users can subscribe to, as well as a way to filter ActiveX content from pages.

The new browser continues to be offered only to users of Windows Vista and Windows 7, leaving users of XP, which is the most popular OS at 45.3 percent of Windows users with IE8.






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