Messaging on the iPhone

When it comes to the iPhone, there are several applications that come bundled with the iPhone. We are going to look at the messaging application that is included with the bundle. If you are not sure what I am referring to, remember that when you open up your new iPhone, it comes with a version of the iOS on it, generally the most current version that is available at the shipping time. Included with the iOS is a bundle of additional applications. Some of these include a Message application, a photo application, a YouTube application and a Settings and App Store application. Again our focus today is to take a look at the Message application.

The Message application is actually pretty simple. When you start the Messaging app, you see on the screen a user interface that gives you a table view. In that table you can see the text conversations that you are going on. You will also see the options to edit and compose a new message. If you pick the text conversation, you’ll get to see a new view that will show you all of the incoming and outgoing portions of that message. In the new view, you also will see and edit button on the right hand side and the ability to go back to the messages list that sits on the left hand side. Some of the issues with this app are how to handle the compose and reply to the text messages.

If you want to compose a new message or reply to a message, you have to stop what you are in the middle of and then go into the messages app. In earlier versions, you got a big alert view that basically took over the display window if an incoming text was received. Unfortunately, it had meant that you had to stop what you were doing to reply to the alert or dismiss the alert.

In the latest iOS version, iOS 5, there were some improvements to the messaging app. The notification was modified to display banners along the top of the srceen. This allowed the user to respond to the banner or if left alone, it would disappear by itself. It was an improvement to the app, but it could have been a much stronger application. If you consider that in a day around 7 trillion messages are sent on a global basis, then it is important that the message app should be as strong as possible.






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