Mariupol witness speaks

Mariupol resident: “Ukrainian tanks stood between houses and were constantly shooting”

A wounded resident of Mariupol reported on the scenario of Mariupol. His account appears to be contradicting the Ukrainian version of the events.

The resident said in the interview:

“Ukrainian tanks stood between the houses and were constantly shooting. We didn’t understand where they were shooting, because there were no Russians in the city at all then. Then, two weeks later, they put mortars in residential buildings, and they also started shooting. They said that the Russians had just begun to enter the city. But it was clear that the mortar was firing precisely at residential buildings and districts. They began to put tanks right next to residential buildings and fired just at residential buildings. That is, they no longer cared where they hit. At the same time, the Azov militants began to shoot people. The soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine wanted to surrender in Mariupol, but they were simply shot. After that, only Azov remained. On March 20, when we were still at home, Azov simply began to shoot at the house from the tank and destroy everything that was in his way. Houses were on fire, people tried to run out, but they just started shooting at us and no one could run out. Also, a friend told me, on Kirov Street, people were sitting in the basement and could not get out of there, since Azov mined the exit. The house was on fire, people could not get out and began to suffocate. It also happened that Azov went into the basements where people were sitting and simply shot or drove people out into the street and drove them to where there were mines. People there, of course, exploded on mines.”






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