Man tried to reach Dubai by setting himself into tires of airplane and fell from it -Pakistan

Lahore, Pakistan, On saturday, Police has confirmed that the body which was found on the roof of one of the house in Al-Faisal Town was fallen from an airplane.

Police has given the final report of their investigation after local witneses gave their statements saying that they saw the person fall from a plane.

sources said that the man was hidden in wheels box and was trying to go out from Pakistan illegally.
The initial inquiry report has already been sent to the airport authorities, but they are still not agreeing on that the suspect fell off a plane.
The body is still not being identified.
The pilot of Airblue flight were contacting the control room right after he took-off and reported about the problem while closing a plane’s wheels,( he was not able to close the wheels ) according to air traffic control sources : Informing the controllers within couple of minutes that the problem were rectified.
Haji Muhammad Afzal, the owner of the house, retired Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited ( PTCL ) employee found the body on his roof.
His son Muhammad Faizan told The Express Tribune. “We tried to move the body but it was in very critical condition. his head was oped, his upper body, his shoulders , chest and hips, all the bones were shattered. there was just blood everywhere.






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