Mamta Kulkarni never ‘converted’ to Islam?

Recently, I came through various sources that the former Indian actress, Mamta Kulkarni has become a ‘yogini’, and even written an autobiography called “Autobiography of a Yogini”, such theories completely suggest of her being a follower of Hinduism.

Previously she has been largely reported to have been converted to Islam, so that her husband Vicky Goswami could be released, from drug smuggling case in UAE, but in the interview, Mamta Kulkarni admits that she had never got married in these years, and she hasn’t even put a makeup for 12 years. Also that she prays for “18 hours”, thus she gets no time for others. She has further suggested that her only love is “god”, and the rest of her life would be dedicated towards God.

Well, best of luck to her, this is another evidence, that we should be aware of rumors and accept that Mamta Kulkarni never converted to Islam.



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