Make calls and send SMS from your 3G iPad using PhoneItiPad

PhoneItiPad is a jailbreak Cydia tweak that converts a jailbroken 3G iPad in to a phone that is capable of sending sms messages and making calls. Weeks ago, this app was under ‘Coming soon’ but now it is available to download for $19.99.
Follow the steps below to get PhoneItiPad:

  • Find your ICCID. You can find it by navigating to System >> General >> About. This is your unique iPad identifier, which you’ll later need to set up PhoneItiPad.
  • You need to purcahse PhoneItiPad for $19.99 by going here. There you will be asked to give your ICCID.
  • Now open up Cydia on your iPad and add this repository
  • Now search for PhoneItiPad in this repository and download it. Your 3G iPad is now fully capable of sending sms messages and making phone calls!






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