The Magic Trackpad

If you are an Apple user, you might have run into the Magic Trackpad. It seems as if some people like it and others really dislike it intensely. For some folks, they love the way that they can freely scroll around and they also like the flicking and pointing abilities that the trackpad provides. For the other folks, they feel like they are working on a laptop. If you are a user of this device, I am sure that you have also run into the fact that it loves batteries. Now it is possible to get a battery charger along with some replaceable batteries, but is that really the way that you want to work on a long-term basis?

Well, over the long-term, there is another option. This is a device known as the Power Bar. It actually is a rechargeable battery, but it doesn’t have all the messiness of changing batteries, recharging the batteries and all of the other things that go into charging batteries.

This is a device created by Mobee Technology that actually works as if it were a set of batteries. It gets installed the same way a set of batteries would. At one end is an area that behaves like a charging port. You can actually use it while it is charging.

The price is not bad at all considering the price of rechargeable batteries. It will run you just short of $40.00. For that price, you get the Power Bar, as well as a micro-USB cable which is how you will charge the Power Bar. All you have to do is to plug it into your computer and so it is charging while you are working. So if you are someone that uses the Magic Trackpad, then go ahead an invest in the Power Bar so that you can charge and work at the same time. 






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