Learn More about Latest Olympic-Themed iPhone/ iPad Apps

With the Olympics mood filling the air, iPhone and iPad users have a chance to access a guide on London travel through their devices. These applications give iPhone/iPad users a chance to choose from a wide array of apps with an Olympic theme. It is no doubt that these devices have been designed with an aim of giving users the best experience ever. Among the mostly used apps by iPhone owners include the GPS app for Marathon Runmeter. This is an app that is designed to get the user off the coach by giving them the experience of being in the field. This is one of the fitness apps designed for these devices. The app comes with elements of the popular Abvio Runmeter app. Some of its features include maps, audio enhancements, stats slate, and graphs among others. This application lets the use analyze their efforts while helping them to become better marathon runners.

‘Manos’ is another app that is very popular during this season. This gaming application for iPad and iPhone differ from the fate hands movie in a number of ways. For instance, in the movie there are no boss battles. However, each end of the scenes in this game has boss battles. Nevertheless, other elements are the same such as Dumb protagonist who is referred to as Mike, the haunted valley guardian referred to as Torgo and Manos, the master. ‘Manos’ is the God Primal darkness’ God.

Another popular application for iPhone and iPad during this season of the Olympics is the Party Wave. This game is unique in its own way when compared to other iOS games. It has an 8-bit format which is not common among games made for iOS. This game allows a player have a recall of the tiny wings which one is required to fly over the hills. As a surfer, a player tries to catch great waves and ride on them. Avoiding obstacles require surfers to jump and turn. Major obstacles in this game include dolphins, sea turtles and jellyfish.

There is also the Sun or Solar app. This is one of the apps in the newest trends of weather applications for iPhone and iPad. It comes with a design that has been stripped down. This app relies on simplified Rothkoesque colorscapes. This feature gives the user a sense of how whether outside feels. By just swiping up, the device owner gets weather forecast on their devices. Using this app, it is also possible to get updates on weather conditions of other cities. There is also another option by Jacob Henner. This comes with coded information and stripped down colors. This is a web-based application. Installing it requires one to surf to a site via the mobile browser and then install it on the home screen. It is a free application.

Basically, there is a wide array of Olympic themed applications for iPad and iPhone’s. Some of these apps are free and easy to install. All you need to do is carry out your online research to find out which app suits you as per your needs.






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