The LasApp Application

If you are a developer, you probably fall into one of two categories. You are either one that everyone knows about or you are one of the developers that sits in the background and no one really knows about you. There is a developer who has kind of created his own category. This is Lance Fetters or ashikase as many people known him by. He is the developer that created the Folder Enhance tweak. This is the tweak that replaces the native iOS folder and integrates some other options such as pages inside of folders and the ability to scroll either horizontally or vertically.
The tweak that we want to take a look at today however is the LastApp. This has just been updated for iOS 5 and it lets the users have the ability to switch back to the last active application by way of the use of a customer defined gesture. The LastApp uses the activator to let users select the gesture they want for the LastApp to work. If the users have backgrounder installed, they can optionally set the current application to
background once they switch. With these option, users can either enable or disable additional setting that is included after the install of the LastApp extension.
The LastApp is free and can be found in the Big Boss repository. It works with various jailbroken devices that are running iOS 3.0 and higher. This app is similar from a functional point of view to the app Zephyr that was recently released by Grant Paul. With Zephyr, users can swipe between all applications in a multi-task switcher. If you are looking for an application that will let you use the functions of LastApp, then this is the application that you should look into purchasing. Again since this is a free application, it won’t hurt you to get it and try it. See how it will help you in your computer experience. `






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