Kube2 Review

In my lifetime, I have gone from a small transistor AM radio to a cassette player or what everyone liked to call a Walkman and then on into the mp3 players such as the iPod. Of course in between these changes there have been a different variety of radios, a different variety of cassette players and even a variety of mp3 players. Much to my amazement, there is a new MP3 player that is touted as the smallest touch mp3 player in existence. This mp3 player is known as the Kube2. It is a cube that is one inch all the way around. For those of you who are familiar with the thin ipods, you will find that the Kube2 is not as thin as they are, however the touch functions that are available on this unit are pretty neat.

You can change the songs that you are listening to by running your finger across the sensor. As you do this you can choose to move either forward or backward. Is the volume up to high or do you need to raise the volume so that you can hear what you are listening to? Just place your finger on either the top of the cube or on the bottom depending on whether you want to raise or lower the volume.

This mp3 player will hold up to 32GB worth of your favorite songs on a miniSD card. The Kube2 comes to you at an affordable price of $35. If you are wondering how long you can play it without it going dead, the battery should last you about 6 hours. You don’t have to worry about how you are going to charge it up, because you can charge it in about an hour using a USB connection. With a headphone jack, the capability to pause a song, as well as shuffle your song selections, this should prove to be a great mini music box for you to tuck into your pocket while you are taking your daily walk.






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