Kolu and its meaning

Kolu, as the name suggests refers to extraordinary people, especially illiterate in English language. There are many Kolu’s in our society, and are very common.

Umer Kolu

They tend to translate Urdu into English as is. An example from a well known Kolu is,

‘ TellWasif to drive selfly, he was just gonna collide with me, and you both were watching somewhere else.’

Another example:
‘I don’t like her I love her.’

Kolu’s can be found everywhere, as they dont know how to express their feelings in written form. They consider themselves very literate in English and are extremely proud of themselves. Here are some examples to get make you all burst into laughte

‘dream sucks’
‘life iz not logical’
‘bloody exams bloody date sheet’
Usama Kolu

In the above example we understand that a Kolu is expressing that he hates exams, but the order is not correct. Imagine getting the date sheet after your exams!

‘i don’t flirt wdh any girl’
‘freezing temperature on mall, hot chicks in front of kfc and dirty jokes of my friends’
‘from your face you look like a flirter’
‘you are mad coz you put every topic on me’
‘Aown didn’t knew why you didn’t came. We told him your story in the circle’
‘How will we go to khar house in the morning’
‘Ready to die for the country at moment’s notice’
‘Whats the cene of today’

The above quotations are by Usama Kolu and Umer Kolu.

Kolu’s especially make others around laugh to their limits, hilarious and yet daring enough to brag, we all know that we have countless Kolu’s around us. So my advice is to enjoy as much as you can! 😀

Written by Nauman Zaheer.






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