The Kindle Fire Review – Is This For You?

Well Christmas has come and gone and I still have not made up my mind about what tablet I should get. So in an effort to make a decision before the next Christmas rolls around, I have decided to sit down and review some of the tablets. I am going to start by taking a look at the Kindle Fire, available through Amazon.

The first thing that I noticed was what seemed to be an affordable price. So I decided to take a closer look at what the approximately $200.00 price gave me by starting with the construction of the unit. There is nothing outstanding when it comes to the look and feel of the tablet. I immediately thought durability rather than stylish. As a possible purchaser, I would rather look for a unit that was considered durable versus one that was just stylish. This way at least I could have some confidence that it would  last for awhile. It has a solid feel and is about 7”, which is typical of many of the current tablets on the market.

As I read text on the display screen, I notice that it has a resolution of 1024 X 600 pixels. If I need to adjust the font, I can do that. One of the cons that I found was that I have a little bit of trouble reading any text in the bright sunlight. It could be a little brighter.

The next item that I want to take a look at is where are the function buttons and jacks located. After further investigation, I see that on the bottom sits the place to plug in my headset along with a small USB port and the power button. This power button is on the small side, but responds well when I press it. Along the top of the tablet, are a set of speakers. As I look at the back of the tablet, I find that there is a soft touch cover.

I am unable to find a volume button, and of course there is no video camera or web cam. As a user, I am limited to 8 GB as there is not an additional storage source located on this tablet. There are some alternatives to these limitations, and it is important to understand that the lack of these functions might not be a big deal to everyone.

In conclusion, this is a great tablet for reading and you can store up to 8GB of information and also use the Amazon cloud for additional storage. For the price, I believe that it would more than satisfy my particular needs.






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