Jailbreaking of Ipad 2 – How to Jailbreak Ipad 2

Do you want to make your ipad 2 more handy and attractive? You should jailbreak it to incorporate new and exciting features that will make it really incredible. Read this post to know how to jailbreak ipad 2.

Jailbreaking is a procedure that involves the removal of the restrictions forced by Apple on its devices that runs on the ios operating system. Through this process of jailbreaking you can get access to the roots of the operating system. Hence after jailbreaking you can actually download additional applications, wall papers and extensions that normally are not available on the official site or the apple store. Without jailbreaking you cannot download all the applications developed by the third parties as well.

There are two types of jailbreaks that can be used for jailbreaking ipad 2, but will not completely jailbreak the device.
• The first one is an untethered jailbreak and this process is highly advantageous since the device will be jailbroken every time it is switched on.
• The next one is the tethered jailbreak which involves the re-jailbreaking process to be initiated with the support of a computer every time when the device is switched on, in order to start the device completely. It means that every time when the device is turned off it will not work as a jailbroken device but will be able to function normally.

Hackers all over the world have tried hacking ipad 2 and have confirmed that it is very difficult to jailbreak the device because of the upgraded hardware and firmware that have been installed inside. Hence, until and unless a software solution is devised, ipad 2 cannot be jailbroken. However, as an addition to this, the ipad 2 on 5.1 should be first downgraded to the lower version and then Jailbreakme tool can be used for jailbreaking ipad 2.
Absinthe is another latest software jailbreaking tool based on the Greenpois0n exploit that is fully successful in jaibreaking ipad2. Following is the process of jailbreaking ipad 2:
• Before jailbreaking, the pass code lock should be disabled taking the complete backup.
• You should disable the VPN settings as well.
• Then the stock firmware of the ios 5.1.1 should be downloaded and the settings should be restored from ipad 2 to 5.1.1.
• The required software should also be downloaded
• Absinthe should be extracted and the program should be launched
• After this ipad 2 should be switched off and should be connected to the computer
• Jailbreak button should be pressed, allowing absinthe to finish the process and the device will reboot itself. Once this is done, an absinthe icon will be visible.
• Click on the absinthe icon and allow your ipad2 to reboot it
• After rebooting, cydia icon will replace absinthe icon

Now, the jailbreaking is complete and the ipad 2 can be used fully with the jailbreak ios 5.

By jailbreaking your ipad 2 you can use it for add some interesting features like itunes. The process of jailbreaking is becoming too advantageous for the people who want to make use of unauthorized software. However, under these circumstances of jailbreaking the warranty can be ceased.






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