The iShower Device

We are a gizmo world. We have smartphone, tablets and music devices of all sorts. All of these can be taken throughout the house except for one room. Should we even dare to take them into our bathroom? I think not. Well maybe…

There are now ways that we can take the music into our shower and really enjoy the sounds while we scrub and rub. Typically, we have not been able to take our electronic gear with us to the shower. Well folks, it looks as if we can now.

There is a device known as the iShower. This allows you to use it along with your iPhone or iPad and it lets you run music from up to 200 feet away. The iShower is completely waterproof and you can pause or play or even skip tracks while your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch are sitting in a dry and damp-free room. The iShower will run you about $99 and if you prefer to have your music banging in the bathroom it will be a wise investment to protect your Apple device. There is no comment on the quality of the sound, but that may not be the most important feature, rather the idea is to play music “wet free” while in the shower.

There is a small LCD that will give you some basic information. The unit can be set up pretty much as you wish, by hanging it up or mounting it. You can use the iShower with up to 5 other devices and then switch back and forth between the different devices through the use of a built-in menu. This is great if you have a bunch of Apple devices. It it scheduled to be available on March 31, 2012. This sounds like a winner for those music lovers that want the sound to be available in every room in the house.






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