Iphone Photographers – Use Your Earbuds

Are you an iPhone owner? Do you like to take pictures with your iPhone? If so, this designates you as an iPhone photographer. Did you know that you can take pictures using the volume button on your earbud? This means that you can easily take pictures and no one will even be aware of the fact that you are doing this.

Making use of the volume button on your ear buds, allows you that are iphone photographers to take pictures that are clearer because the shot was steadier. So how does this trick actually work? The first thing that you want to do is to plug in the remote earbuds that go with your iPhone. Once you have done this, you want to next open up the camera application. Instead of using your volume button that comes on your iphone, use the volume button that you find on the headphones. Next when you take a picture, use this button to snap your picture. You can also use this if you have a bluetooth electronic device.
So if you are wanting to try a different method to taking your pictures and you are an iPhone user or owner, why not try this photography trick? Remember in conclusion, you can go ahead and plug your earbuds into your iphone. Where normally you were used to taking a picture by pressing the volume button on the phone, you will instead press the volume button that you find on your earbuds. The advantage of using the volume button on your earbuds versus the volume button on your iphone is the fact that you will get clearer picture using the earbud volume button. So, don’t play around anymore, go ahead and jump on this great idea and start seeing clearer pictures, taken at the click of a volume button found on your earbud.






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