iPhone 5 launching in October, not September [Rumor]

iPhone 5 mockup by Razoredge Design
As it was rumored that iPhone 5 will be launching this September, AllthingsD claims that iPhone 5 will be launching in October, not in September. The blog post at AllThingsD reads:

So those rumors claiming the iPhone 5 will debut in late September? They’re wrong. Instead, it’s going to be an October surprise — the month in which Apple will be launching its next generation iPhone.

AT&T has blacked out employee vacations in the September’s last two weeks which usually point towards the new launch from Apple. This could be or could not be a new model of iPhone. Sources also claims that the launch will be later in the month of October rather than earlier. This could also mean that Apple will be officially announcing iPhone 5 and its pricing plan in the month of September.

It is only rumored that iPhone will be launching in October but no details on the devices’ design or its internal core have been found yet.






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