The iPhone 5 Glitch

Bugs (not the legged ones) are something that programmers and software companies despise and users love if it helps them get an advantage over the company. Users will complain about the bugs if it affects how secure they feel there personal information is.

In the iPhones that use iOS 5, a bug has been found that will allow any of your pictures to be seen by way of the lockscreen camera button, and that is even if your phone is locked using a passcode. In an effort to allow users to see their pictures easily, Apple developers added an accessibility button. This makes it much easier to take pictures now. Once you’ve snapped the pictures, I’m sure that you want to view them. If you try to view them, you will be asked to unlock your iPhone to see all of your pictures.

You can go ahead and test this, so grab your iPhone and let’s get to testing. This will only occur when you turn the clock back or you go back and forth between time zones. So hit the settings icon on the SpringBoard and move the date backwards. Notice that if you lock your phone, you can still see the pictures that have been taken since the date that you set by the quick launch camera button.

It is evident that this is a glitch that Apple should fix in the next iOS update. There should be better security that a time stamp to restrict access to everyone’s picture. It would make sense for Apple to jump on this security breach sooner rather than later. Who knows what could happen if the wrong pictures got into the wrong hands. So this is something that all iPhone iOS 5 users should check and then watch for any updates so that they can update their iPhones.






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