The iPhone 5 Dilemma

People are inclined to think that it’s all a ruse! The look and functionality of the iPhone 5, regardless of all the hype and alleged leaked info from sources within the apple supply chain, is pretty much anyone’s guess. No one outside Apple ranks really knows what it looks like; everything thus far has been nothing short of piss in the wind. It’s funny, how some phone varieties were already spoken for before release; you knew most of its specs, elements in its design, as well as, for the most part, its application superiority-but not the iPhone. Nothing in the grape vine regarding any of the iPhone ranks has ever come close to the actual truth upon release. Apple knows how to keep its secrets!

There is always that dummy design that slips past the radar, but which in most instances never gets close to the business end of the retail market. Even upon release, the iPhone 5 will, as usual be put in a dummy case, disguising its looks-these guys don’t fool around! It’s been close to a year since the rumored release of the iPhone 5 hit the streets, and, albeit, spread like wildfire. The design that people waited to see, or rather, is still waiting to be seen, never saw the light of day. What came out was the iPhone 4S, with a less than fancy design, and none of the 4G LTE, slim shape specs that everyone was desperately waiting for. Apple had outsmarted everyone, and, perhaps most notably, the media; and that is no easy feat.

The information is still murky, and no one really knows what the iPhone 5 really looks like. There are rumors, as always, but nothing with any degree of certainty. Word on the street is that the release is scheduled for August, but once you go up the block, then the date moves up to October. The iPhone 5 design photos are still going viral on the net, with every nook and cranny claiming to have an ‘inside scoop’ on all things Apple. Now, the problem here is, there is really no way of knowing if these photos are the real thing, or another prank meant to throw everyone off.

At this point, all we can do is speculate. That said, some important questions have to be asked. First, will apple go for the 4G LTE, larger screen, and ultra slim bit, as many people thought? Thin is great, but there is always the issue of reduced battery life when you go below the 8mm mark, so Apple does have its work cut out! Then again, Apple does have a reputation of prioritizing battery life, so the 3.5 inch screen may still be maintained. And the guessing game continues….







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