iPad Mini-Is it What the Market Needs?

The rumor of Apple releasing an iPad mini is one that won’t fade away and especially, now that there are a couple of seven inch tables in the market. These are powered by Android and so far, they are working well. Question is how would an iPad mini look? Would it match up to the competition set by Nexus 7, Asus, Google and Amazon and its well known Kindle Fire? The following are some of the features you ought to expect from an iPad mini.

1024 X 768 Screen Resolution

According to the rumormill, the resolution is expected to be half that of the Retina Display. The screen is of utmost importance and this is because it should be half that of the 3rd generation. This means that the apps can be shrunk in a successful manner while still retain the look.

Apple Expected to pitch it differently

The former CEO of Apple has expressed distain over a seven inch iPad mini. Steve Jobs, in 2010 said that one would think a seven inch screen should at least deliver 70% benefits offered by a ten inch and yet, this is far from been the truth. He said that seven inch screens are at least forty five percent times large as an average iPad. Steve Jobs says that the size was not sufficient for the purpose of making great apps.

However, so much has happened since then and especially, in the last 2 years. Apple already had a new CEO in place and while the seven inch PlayBook has not captured the imagination of many consumers, a device that is much smaller and more portable can make a major difference. There is an extremely high possibility of this tablet succeeding and especially if it is delivered in the market in the appropriate manner.

Price and Release Date

The latest speculations indicate the iPad mini will be launched in the UK and US before 2012 Christmas. In addition to this, the price is expected to be beneath the price of the current iPad. This is for the purpose of ensuring that the iPad mini appeals to iPad and iPhone users alike. Also, it is expected that Apple will not try to compete with price tag of Nexus 7 which is £159. In essence, there is no need for the iPad mini to do this.

Dock Connector

In the event the iPad mini is released it is also expected to spot a new dock connector. This introduction could be a means of introducing it to the eco system accessory of Apple without necessarily upsetting the release of any other gadgets that might come later. In addition to this, while rumors are referring to this new release as iPad mini, it is unlikely that Apple will use the same name during the launch.



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