iPad 2 jailbreak 4.3.3 is Almost Ready

It’s been so long we are hearing news about iPad 2 jailbreak. Couple of days ago, we found out that Comex has found a new PDF exploit which let you jailbreak iPad 2 on iOS 4.3.3. Comex sent a tweet few minutes ago in reply to someone asking about his teaser:

Whyike: @comex the waiting after your teaser remaind me the waiting after @i0n1c trolling “elevat0r”, if you have something, please release it…

Comex: @whyike it’s almost ready.

You might ask yourself why Comex would release a jailbreak when iOS 5 is right around the corner. I see 2 potential reasons why. First, it might be a jailbreak that is hardware-related, which means iOS 5 would not be able to patch the jailbreak. Second potential reason, and the one I find the more plausible, is that iOS 5 might have patched whatever exploit Comex found, so there is no reason for him to hold it back at this time.

It seems that iPad 2 jailbreak is just about to hit the web. Maybe on this weekend? Let’s see







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