Infolinks is better than Kontera

Which Pays More (High) per Click – infolinks or kontera. Most of the blogger use infolinks and Kontera as the substitution for Google adsense earnings. But many are in confusion, they dont know which to place in their blog.

After testing both of the inline ad networks on the different blogs, I’ve found that infolinks works better with almost any niche websites and blogs and Kontera is better only with certain niche like tech, health, etc… Also to use Kontera for better reveue you need good amount of traffic, So here are the recommendations.

Use Infolinks for:
  • For low traffic websites/blogs
  • Entertainment niche websites and blogs.
  • Celebrity and Movies niche websites and blogs.

Use Kontera for:
  • For high traffic websites/blogs.
  • Technology and Blogging related websites and blogs.






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