Info on Football in Pakistan

I know what I’m writing will not sound appropriate to some of you but, football in Pakistan has started gaining importance since 2000. Every weekend, thousands of people watch professional football from leagues in Europe.
This has created a lot of interest between the Pakistani youth to play Football at a regular level. It has encouraged Pakistani’s to play football, by creating teams by mutuality. There are countless teams (clubs) who play football. Some of them are semi-professional and are well known in their respective cities. However, the most football is played in Lahore and Karachi because these are urban areas where football has raised its importance.

Apart from this, many tournaments have been conducted by many various firms. These include Ufone, Djuice and other well-known companies. Schools have also taken responsibility in the shape of organizing tournaments. Examples include Beacon house and Garrison Academy.
As a result, we have been able to find out immense talent for football here. Moreover, due to watching consistent football and becoming fans of well-known clubs of England and Spain, domestic people have learned the art of football. The game here is very impressive.
I doubt if writing this will have any impact, I hope that someone might just read this and scout Pakistan for it will be an amazing opportunity for them and us Pakistani’s.

Written by Nauman Zaheer.






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