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Thanks to xda Developer sanfranx415 who has found a method to unlock Samsung Galaxy S 4G so what we Samsung Galaxy S 4G owners can unlock their phone and use it on any network they want.

Please note that I will not be responsible for any damage to your device. Though I have tested it myself, but do it at your own risk. So let’s proceed to the guide to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S 4G

Things you’ll need:

  • You need to have your Galaxy S 4G rooted to unlock the phone.
  • You also need to have working USB connection between your computer and SGS 4G for transferring files.
  • You need to download and install hex editor in your computer. Download it here.
  • You need to download “Terminal Emulator”  app on your Samsung Galaxy S 4G. You can grab this app for free in the android market.

Unlocking guide
  • Launch Terminal Emulator on your SGS 4G and type the following code on at a time:

cd /dev/block
  • If you have Superuser app installed, it will prompt for permissions. Tap “Yes”.
  • Now continue in Terminal Emulator with below command:

dd if=/dev/block/bml3 of=/sdcard/bml3.bak
  • Now Launch 010 Hex Editor you download earlier in your computer.
  • In 010 Hex Editor, click “View” then “LineFeeds”—> Custom —> Set Bytes to “32″.
  • Now connect your phone to computer and copy the “bml3.bak” file from phone’s SD card to computer (on desktop).
  • Open “bml3.bak” file using the 010 Hex Editor.
  • Press CRTL + F to search for a Hex string.
  • In the search window that appears after pressing CTRL + F, select “Hex byte” in the Type field and then key-in or copy paste following code in the search box:
  • Then click “Find All” button.
  • You will see that it will find that hex string 2 – 10 times. Go through each result. On the 3rd window pane, against your search term, you should see an 8 digit code. This is your phone’s unlock code! Make sure you note it down correctly!
  • Power off your Galaxy 4G and remove its battery.
  • Insert the SIM card on which you want to use your Samsung.
  • Turn on your phone.
  • You will be prompted to enter the “Network Unlock Control Key”. Enter the unlock code that you noted down earlier.
That’s it. Your Samsung Galaxy S 4G is now fully unlocked and you can enjoy any Sim Card on it. 
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