How to Make Your Kindle Fire Go Faster

Did you get a Kindle Fire for Christmas this year? What you may not know about the Kindle Fire is that along with the Kindle Fire, Amazon has also created a web browser. The browser was supposed to load web pages very fast. However, the Silk browser really doesn’t offer the speed that it was originally intended to offer. Fortunately, there is a way around this, so let’s take a look at this.
There are three browser settings that you should set to improve the speed. Once you start up the Silk browser, press the menu button that is found at the bottom of the screen. After that, go ahead and tap the Settings button. Once you have done that, you should modify the following settings.
a. Set the enable plugins to off
b. Uncheck the accelerate page loading
c. Change the desktop or mobile view to mobile.
d. Make sure that you turn off flash.

What you are now doing is loading mobile versions of websites rather than the full size websites. You’ll notice that you turned off the accelerate page loading option. When this option is checked, it is supposed to speed things up when activated. It has been discovered however that if a person is on a fast WiFi connection, it doesn’t seem to speed up anything. Therefore, it is recommended that you uncheck it.

If you follow these suggested settings, you should see that your web pages load faster. So in conclusion, this is specifically for those of you who purchased a Kindle Fire and are using the Silk Browser. If you are finding that your pages are loading rather slowly, then make sure that you change the settings to the ones that were suggested. Once you have changed the settings, make sure that you go ahead and test your web pages to see if they load faster. 






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