How To make Classified Ads Website Using WordPress

Besides making blog sites, you can also make so many different type of websites with WordPress, for instance as job board site, property, and also classified ads site. There’s only need little bit of creativity, implementing few plugins, some hacks, and a cup of coffee and in minutes you will be having your free classified ads site. Please note that this only implies on WordPress. 

TDO Mini Forms Plugin

TDO Mini Forms plugin is the only plugin you need to build a Classified Ads Site. The role of this plugin is to make to make submission form for ads. Install and activate this plugin, then go to “TDO Mini Forms” menu. If you don’t have dummy user for default user, make it first.

Creating a form

Create a form by clicking menu TDO Mini Forms >> Form Creator.
Clicking this menu will bring you to a drag-and-drop-able form.
Drag any available widgets to ‘Your Form’ above. You can also make any change, or configure every widgets by clicking the configure icon on the right side of every widgets. Then save your form.
In the form options (click ‘options’ menu above), you can set who are able to access your form for submitting ads. And you can also change moderation setting for your form. Click save after making change.

Inserting form to site.

After building and set some options, you need to place your form to your frontpage. You can insert your form into your site’s widget, or insert to a post or page. If you want to use widget to show your form, go to Appearance >> Widgets, and drag TDOMF Form widget to your widget space.
But if you want to show this form to a post or page, all you need to do is inserting this code [tdomf_form1] to your post or page. Or by clicking a link ‘Create a page with this form automatically” in the form options to automatically create a page and insert your form into it, like screenshot bellow.
That’s all. Check your frontpage, or the page your form was inserted. Now you have a classified ads site. You can make any change in stylesheet (CSS) to make your site looks pretty cool.
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