How To Jailbreak your iPad 2 4.3.3 using a local webserver on OSX

JailbreakMe beta was leaked couple of days ago which many people used and got their iPad 2 jailbroken. Shortly after the leak, site was taken down and all links were removed. However Ryan Vanniekerk managed to get his hands on some files behind the scene, and has published a how-to article on his blog that details the process of setting up your own web-based jailbreak.

iPad 2 jailbreak seems imminent as is currently showing a sticky note that reads ‘We’ll be back soon’. But if you can’t wait any longer, you can now can now set up your own web-based jailbreak for all devices running upto iOS 4.3.3.

After a bit of digging I happened across a relatively inconspicuous comment that lead me to believe that the “unable to download jailbreak files” was attempting to connect directly to Comex’s server (located at in order to download the existing jailbreak files. However, the files attempting to be downloaded were the exact same files that had already been leaked earlier in the day, they simply existed in a separate location. My first thought was to spoof a local webserver with the same IP that the jailbreak is connecting to in order to make it look for the files there instead. After a bit of tinkering around I finally managed to bypass the 403 error and successfully jailbreak my iPad 2!
Vanniekerk set up his jailbreak on a Mac, but believes it could be easily tweaked to work with Windows computers as well. For the full tutorial to jailbreak your iPad 2 right now, visit Vannieker’s blog.

[Source: Cult of Mac]






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