How to install iOS 4 update to your iPhone 3G, 3GS or iPhone 4

The iPhone iOS 4 update brings a lot of new features for users that also includes multitasking functionality for iPhone 3GS, iBooks and finally Folders option through which we can actually organize our homescreen. For me as an iPhone user, this Folder option has certainly injected a new life into my iPhone now I can use my gadget with much more fluency and effectively.

So are you missing iOS 4  update for your phone? Here is guide to install iOS 4 update to your iPhone 3G, 3GS or iPhone 4.

Important!!! You will require such a PC or Mac which has iTunes software installed in it because you are going to install the iOS4 update with the help of iTunes software.

Ø First of alll you need to plug up your iPhone into the USB port of your computer

Ø If your PC or Mac is fully updated then iTunes software would automatically detect your iPhone

Ø You must make sure that your iPhone is fully synched and has a proper back up on your PC or Mac

Ø Its where you get the update, if you are not automatically made aware about the iOS4 software update, then you need to use the option of “CHECK FOR UPDATE” in iTunes software.

Ø After it, you need to give the access to your PC or Mac to download the firmware update.

Ø Don’t act like maniacs J as your iPhone would automatically start after the up gradation is completed. Please be patient! It may take a while! J

Ø Finally, when your iPhone restarts, you are ready to enjoy the new iOS4 update!!

Ø Do not remove the USB connection between your iPhone and PC because you are going to lose all your data if you commit this suicidal mistake. 

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