How to Implement GTA PC Mods

If you have ever played the video game, Grand Theft Auto or GTA, you have been a part of a very successful video game having sold more than 124 million units of this game. The game was developed by a company called Rockstart North. There as been a lot of criticism over the years concerning the violent nature of the game, however, this has not deterred the video game community. The game is available on a lot of different platforms. You might play it on the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, the smartphone, a tablet or even a portable gaming device.
The Grand Theft Auto III game is also now available on the iOS and Android platforms. What is really neat is that since this is really a copy of the game that was originally created 10 years ago, you can make use of the modifications that were created for the PC. This modifications will add enjoyment to your game playing experience.
In order to take advantage of the game, of course you must have either Apple or Android device. Next you must make sure that you get familiar if you aren’t how to use the old PC mods. As a final step, you also want to make sure that you can reach the file system of the device so that you can make use of the modification.
On the Android device to reach the file system, you need to go to the following: Android/Data.comrockstar.gta3/files//GTA3. If you own an Apple device, you must gain access to the iOS system through some type of jailbreaking device or software to access to proper directory so that you can implement the modifications.
So as you see, the Grand Theft Auto video game has expanded the platforms that it is now available on with the ability of accessing the correct directories, you can even add the PC modifications from 10 years ago.






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