How to Fix that New Year Alarm Clock Issue

Have you run into the dreaded alarm clock issue on your iPhone? Let me give you some background into this issue if it is not something you are familiar with. A year ago at this time, iPhone users were struggling because even though they had set their alarm, the alarm was not ringing. If you like me are dependent on your iPhone to wake you up in the morning, then it can be quite disconcerting if you wake up late or end up being late for an important meeting or even for work.

The source of the problem was narrowed down to a particular version of iOS and a particular way that the user was setting the alarm. It was version 4.2.1 and the user was setting a one time alarm. Apple offered a fix by suggesting that the user use the recurring alarm function and then they stated that all of the alarms would work fine on January 3. Well this was for last year. What about this year?

If you are having an issue then here is what you should do to take care of this. Take your iPhone and connect it to your PC. Once you have made the connection, make sure that your iPhone is running the latest version of the iOS that is available. If you are not, then download the latest version.

Are you unsure of how to update to the next version? Well all you have to do is to connect your Apple device to a computer with your usb cable. Once you are connected, go to iTunes. From that point, all you have to do is to read your screen and follow through the prompts that will show up on your screen. Unfortunately, if you own an iPhone3G, you can not update to a later version. You will have to just wait until January 3rd and the alarm functions will work fine. This should help you get through your alarm issues.






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