How to auto publish website’s or blog’s post to facebook page

First of all you need to add an application to your Facebook account if you want to auto publish all your posts to Facebook fan page. There are many RSS applications available to auto publish your website’s or blog’s content. These applications always track your fan page for any updates and auto publish all your posts so you don’t have to manually post all your new updates to your fan page or even on your profile. So here is the ways to auto publish your blog’s or website’s content to your Facebook fan page or on your profile.

Sign in to your Facebook account

On the top search bar, type ‘rss graffiti’ and the application should appear. Click t to go to its page. see the image below

Give authorization or whatever Graffiti apps demands.

Now choose your profile and/or fan page you are having from left column and click”+Add Feed” button on the right. 
Put your blog’s or site’s feed URL in the box and Hit ‘save’
Voila! your done. Now every post you publish on your site or blog will automatically be posted on your fan page/profile too. 






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