Hear what the Analysts say About the iPhone 5

What is the next iPhone going to look like? That is the question that a lot of the analysts are trying to determine. The rumor is that it is going to have a new handset which will be a new and thinner chassis. It apparently is thought that they are going to make the change like they did from the iPhone 3GS to the iPhone 4.  
The next part that the analysts are looking at are the radio chips that are going to be installed in the next iPhones. Analysts believe that a quad-mode chip will be used. If this is done, then it would allow Apple to make an iPhone that would would on all of the networks. This would make the iPhone compatible on a global basis.
Rather than make a version for each of the iPhone that would meet the demands of each of the networks, Apple decided to make make one version. This was an attempt to minimize costs both manufacturing and process. Including the quad-mode chip would help them achieve this goal.
The last part of the report that was posted by the analysts is the belief that the iPad3 would be released in the first or second quarter of 2012 with the company also offering the iPad 2 at a lower price. This is not really a surprise to followers of Apple or the iPhone as that is what makes sense for the company. A lower priced iPad 2 will help to keep the competition at bay and still attract the people and customers that might be looking for a lower-priced tablet that will still offer them a lot of features. The iPad 3 will probably run at a higher price due to the screens that should appear on the tablet. However, the newest iPad will probably stay at the $500 price point.






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